Xiaomi launches new Mijia Smart Cooking Machine S1 thermal blender

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The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cooking Machine S1 is a food processor with a heating element. (Image source: Xiaomi)The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cooking Machine S1 is arriving in China. The new smart home gadget is a thermal food processor which works with voice commands and the Xiaomi app. Other features of the latest model, quieter than its predecessors, include scheduling and keeping food warm.

Xiaomi has unveiled the Mijia Smart Cooking Machine S1 in China. The smart home gadget is a food processor with a heating element to prepare various fruits and vegetables or to make soy milk. Comparing the product to devices available in the US, it is a very simple version of a Thermomix, closer to the Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender.

The Mijia Smart Cooking Machine S1 operates relatively quietly, compared to older models from the company, with a 42dBA running noise. Xiaomi suggests this version is quieter thanks to the design’s shock-absorbing and soundproofing elements. The device also works faster than its predecessors, taking 30 minutes to make soy milk, a 40% reduction in time. The gadget has an eight-part stainless steel blade and a 1,500 ml (~51 fl. oz) borosilicate glass bowl with a ceramic glazed bottom providing non-stick properties. The blade rotates around 3,000 per minute, and the product has an 800W heating element.

Other features include a quick cleaning mode, with an alleged sterilization rate of 99.99%, scheduling up to 24 hours in advance, and the device can keep food warm for up to four hours after cooking. You can control the Mijia Smart Cooking Machine S1 with voice commands or via the accompanying app, where you can also view over 60 recipes. Alternatively, you can adjust settings via the multifunctional knob on the base of the product. The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cooking Machine S1 will launch in China on January 3 for 379 yuan (~$53). It remains to be seen whether or not this kitchen gadget will launch in other markets.

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