Intel Core i9-14900KS spotted online in alleged real-world image

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The Intel Core i9-14900KS could be announced in the coming days (image via @9550PRo on X, edited)A new leak shows off Intel’s upcoming desktop processor, the Core i9-14900KS. It is fundamentally a Core i9-14900K with a 6.2 GHz P core boost clock.

If a new leak is accurate, Intel could soon launch another top-of-the-line desktop CPU for PC builders. Currently, the Core i9-14900K ($575 on Amazon) sits at the top of Intel’s product stack, which is essentially a Core i9-13900KS with a fresh coat of paint. Its successor could be announced soon if a new leak is accurate.

X poster @9550Pro found what looks like a real-world Core i9-14900KS unit in the wild. The leaker, who sourced the image from a QQ (a Chinese instant messaging service), said they can’t determine if the sample is legitimate or if it will launch. Intel could unveil the Core i9-14900KS at CES 2024 with 8 P cores and 16 E cores.

The processor will supposedly increase the P core’s boost clocks to 6.2 GHz, marginally higher than the Core i9-13900KS’s 6.0 GHz figure. It’ll come with a corresponding increase in power draw and a likely $800 price tag. Nevertheless, the processor isn’t meant for everyday users and will likely be exploited by extreme overclockers, who have already managed to push a Core i9-14900KF to 9.0 GHz on a single core.

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