“Why is vote counting a secret,” Former President Jacob Zuma questions South Africa’s election process

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Jacob Zuma questions the South Africa’s election process after leaving the ANC party.

In 2023, the former president has started his new political party called Umkhonto We Sizwe, which has been registered with the Independent Electoral Commission to contest the next general elections.

Speaking about elections in SA, Zuma questioned the secrecy of vote counting.

He said the counting of votes ought to be transparent.

“We need to change the way we vote, why is Vote counting a secret. The process should be transparent”.

He added that when Umkhonto Wesizwe ‘MK Party’ comes to power the Electorial laws of South Africa will be changed.

Of all the things that can be criticized in SA, I actually think the electoral process is WORLD CLASS. Happiness levels on election day skyrocket! Some braai and vote!

You have developed countries still debating whether to have voter ID or not. That’s just fraud prevention 101…

— Noko Phala (@InspiryDay) January 6, 2024

After being beneficial all these years but then he knows something that we do not know this tribal Umgodoyi

— Mosweuistalking (@mosweu40) January 6, 2024

He is exposing himself by questioning the electoral process by highlighting it’s lack of transparency, because a lack of transparency equates to the possibility of vote rigging, which is possible considering the fact that he once said ”The ANC will rule until Jesus comes back”

— jojo (@tthatomokhele) January 6, 2024


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