Lerato Kganyago runs for her dear life after an encounter with centipede

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Lerato Kganyago had a life-threatening experience while resting in her house.

Taking to Twitter, the South African DJ narrated how she ran for her dear life following an encounter with a centipede.

LKG said the animal landed safely on her bed, but she jumped off, sprayed the room, and escaped.

She asked her followers to know if it was a dangerous animal.

“Something like this fell on my bed. I sprayed the entire room with doom and ran for dear life in the other bedroom. Is it dangerous???”

The radio personality shared a photo of the centipede and followers bombarded the post with various responses.

ke mosetaphala/mosetlaphala in Sepedi.

you’ll have some pain, swelling and a bit of redness if it bites you. they rarely cause health complications but it does sting quite a lot if they get you.

also, they are fast. very very fast

— Lebo (not Mathosa) (@Hunadi___) January 5, 2024

Not harmful. Just take and throw it out

— Chumz (@CandiceDXi) January 5, 2024

Been cutting trees and suddenly these are in the house and very scary. I screamed when I first met it in the bathroom. Yingozi lento 😩😩

— Nolali (@Mamtshengu) January 5, 2024

Tjo l recently killed it at my place it’s been two weeks now am still terrified don’t know how it entered.i have moved my bed from next to the wall it’s at the centre lol .so scary

— NobesuthuNgcongo (@Noppsy88) January 6, 2024


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