BizNews’ best of 2023: Dr Anthea Jeffery’s Countdown to Socialism, National Democratic Revolution

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In an interview with BizNews editor Alec Hogg in July, Dr Anthea Jeffery unpacked her new book Countdown to Socialism. Countdown to Socialism unpacks the ANC’s pursuit of a blueprint for SA economic disaster, the National Democratic Revolution plan devised by Soviet Union bureaucrats in the 1950s. The ANC’s blind pursuit of the outdated NDR blueprint is leading to the possible collapse of South Africa’s economy. Dr Jeffery’s Countdown to Socialism is a critically important book that sheds light on the disastrous policies implemented by the ANC in South Africa. Find all of the reviews, interviews, excerpts and analyses of Dr Anthea Jefferey’s Countdown to Socialism through the hyper-links below.

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Catch up on all of BizNews’ Countdown to Socialism content:

Anthea Jeffery: ANC’s blind pursuit of Soviet-era NDR pushing SA into death spiral
Anthea Jeffery: Countdown to Socialism in South Africa – unveiling the ANC’s soviet-inspired agenda
Andrew Kenny on Anthea Jeffery’s Countdown to Socialism – Illuminating the ANC’s disastrous path
Anthea Jeffery: A reply to Dr Msimang – Revealing the ANC’s socialist ambiguity
Countdown to Socialism: Exposing the ANC’s agenda, a must-read before the election
🔒 Premium – Jeffery’s Countdown to Socialism: plotting ANC’s catastrophic course
The ANC’s geopolitics and the National Democratic Revolution – Paul Hoffman
In response to Dr Msimang: Unraveling the National Democratic Revolution – Dave Steward

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