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Dirk Hartford began contributing to BizNews in early November and has since been a valuable source of insight on South African politics. The ultimate insider, Hartford has impeccable ‘struggle’ credentials stemming from the pre-democracy era, balanced by a successful career in the media business and has been providing perspectives that will be increasingly important as we get closer to the watershed 2024 National Election. From the rise of the EFF to the steady fall of Ramaphosa and the comeback of Jacob Zuma, stories with his name on them are not to be missed. Find Dirk Hartford’s 2023 articles through the hyper-links below.

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Catch up on all of BizNews’ Dirk Hartford content:

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🔒 Cyril Ramaphosa: Juggling power, wealth, and a fractured nation – Dirk Hartford
🔒 Dirk Hartford: Unveiling the fractured foundations – Ramaphosa’s tightrope walk amid ANC’s internal strife
🔒 Dirk Hartford: EFF outflanks ANC as Malema takes Soweto by storm
🔒 Dirk Hartford: Why Vusi’s “Siya for President” suggestion has great merit
🔒 Dirk Hartford: Gayton Mckenzie’s controversial xenophobic rhetoric
🔒Dirk Hartford: DA set for shift to ‘centre-left’ via R1bn, Roger Jardine and friends
🔒 Hartford: ANC’s 2024 troubles multiply – Zuma announces support for challenger party
🔒 Dirk Hartford: Zuma’s political revolt – long battle for ANC’s soul finally in the open

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