Ultra HDR downloads from Google Photos leading to loss of metadata

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It is currently unclear when this issue first appeared

Google’s latest flagship devices, the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro, introduced Ultra HDR photography.

Ultra HDR photography offers more brightness and contrast in photos, though some users have found a flaw with the format. When you download Ultra HDR photos from Google Photos, it strips away the image’s metadata of the photos.

Metadata stores information about the photo, such as what aperture, ISO, focal length, etc, it was shot at, alongside information regarding the date and time when the image was taken.

When images are saved in formats other than Ultra HDR, the issue doesn’t seem to be present.

The only workaround right now for Ultra HDR photos is to disable the feature on the phone or export or upload them to another service. This is not ideal for users who want to enjoy the benefits of Ultra HDR photography without sacrificing their metadata.

According to Android Police, similar issues persist when users try to download multiple Ultra HDR images at once with Google Takeout.

It’s currently unclear since when the issue has been present and if Google is aware of it, though it’s likely to be fixed soon.

Source: Android Police


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