Two Exceptionally Rare Pioneer Japanese Motorcycles For Sale

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Two exceptionally rare pioneer Japanese motorcycles that were to become Suzuki and Kawasaki – with Iconic Auctioneers at the Shuttleworth Spring Motorcycle Sale on April 7th 2024.Two rare 60 year old Japanese bikes that will intrigue collectors have emerged for sale with Iconic Auctioneers.

1958 Colleda 250TT 247cc -£12,000 – £14,000

A genuine piece of Japanese Motorcycle history, this 1958 Colleda TT250 is the only known Colleda 250TT outside of Japan.

“This is a very very rare bike, with only seven or eight known to exist, mostly found in museums or private collections in Japan,” says Mark Bryan Head of Motorcycle Sales at Iconic Auctioneers. Its styling is very much inspired by the Japanese fascination of the 1950’s American car and bike styling of the time . The Colleda marque went on to become part of the Suzuki empire. This example is one of approximately eight known surviving examples of the Colleda 250TT and probably the only one outside of Japan. Estimate £12,000 – £14,000

Colleda (Japanese for “This Is The One”) started producing bikes under the pre-Suzuki “SJK” brand name in 1954 with the Colleda 90. They manufactured bikes until 1964 and after that were called Suzuki.

The 250TT was very much the predecessor of the 2-stroke, twin-cylinder 250cc range of bikes that would include the Suzuki T20 and GT250. Very much a NASA/Flash Gordon style of design that reflected the space race of that period.

Correct numbers and presented in mostly original and unrestored condition. Forming part of a large Japanese collection for some time so will require recommissioning before use. The engine turns over with good compression.

1963 Meguro S-8 Junior 250cc – £6,000 – £8,000

Rare, original and unrestored pre-Kawasaki, Meguro S-8 Junior for an estimate of £6,000 – £8,000

This second rare pioneer Japanese bike is a 1963 Meguro S-8 250 Junior. The Meguro marque went on to become part of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Meguro were one of the first producers of motorcycles in Japan, having started in the late 1930s from their Tokyo factory.

Investing in Harley Davidson after the US Great Depression gave them the technical insight that helped their business. Post WW2, they were one of the largest builders of bikes, competing against Honda and by 1960 were absorbed into the Kawasaki Group.

This, correct numbers, later example is one of the 4-stroke, single-cylinder models produced in the 1950s/1960s. The S-8 Junior is a 250cc OHV single and unusually for the time features an electric start. It is the last model produced by Meguro with rear suspension and is presented in mostly original and unrestored condition.

On offer directly from a private Japanese Collection and UK import taxes have been paid.

Part of a museum display for 20 years so will require recommissioning before use. The engine turns over with good compression. One of only a few hundred known examples and supplied complete with a selection of spares.

A great opportunity to acquire an historic Japanese classic motorcycle.

Mark Bryan comments: “These two Japanese bikes may not be big value lots, but as they are super rare I know they will attract some serious worldwide attention.”

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