Tour de Zwift 2024: Saddle up for the biggest virtual training party of the year

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Saddle up for the Tour de Zwift 2024, the virtual training platform’s ‘biggest party of the year’ where the dress code is Lycra and the ride is always on.

Tour de Zwift is an eight stage event which gives indoor cyclists and runners from across the globe the chance to get together and explore Zwift’s virtual realms. Taking place every January and lasting around 6 weeks, the Tour is the perfect way to jump start your fitness, ready for the year ahead.

This year, Zwifters can choose to ride, run or race the Tour. Each of the eight stages takes place in a different virtual world, with a selection of route distances available. Alongside the fun, community feel of the riding and running events, Zwift has also introduced a race event on each stage for those looking to get competitive. Race every stage, or mix and match the group ride and race events. Your party: your choice.

It’s time to ride eight far-out stages with thousands of Zwifters

Alongside the opportunity to explore virtual worlds and challenge yourself to complete every stage, the Tour also gives Zwifters the chance to unlock virtual – and real life – goodies along the way. Take part, and you can expect to experience unique in-game graphics, unlock new kit for your virtual garage and grab a coupon to treat yourself to some IRL kit.

Check out the stage and route details below, and get ready for several weeks of serious indoor training fun that will level-up your riding or running.

Ride Stages & Destinations

From the rolling hills of Scotland, to the neon lights of the Makuri Islands and a grand finale that’ll take you off the beaten track. The Tour de Zwift is the ultimate way to broaden your virtual horizons.

03-07 January

1. London / Yorkshire

08-12 January

2. Scotland

13-17 January

3. Makuri Islands

18-22 January

4. France / Paris

23-27 January

5. Innsbruck

28 January – 01 february

6. Watopia

02-06 February

7. New York / Richmond

07-11 February

8. Rebel Routes


What is the Tour de Zwift?

The Tour de Zwift is virtual eight stage cycling and running event hosted on the Zwift indoor training platform, with group rides and races taking place from 3rd January to 18th February.

How do I register?

Visit the Tour de Zwift page at, sign in and register. You can then sign up for events in each stage via the Zwift Companion app.

When do Tour de Zwift events take place?

Each stage lasts for 5 days, with ride and run events available to join every hour.

What happens if I miss a stage?

There’s a ‘make-up’ week during the last week of the Tour de Zwift to revisit any stages you might have missed, with events scheduled every 30 minutes.

Can I ride and run the Tour?

Yes, Zwifters can sign up for both riding and running events during the Tour.

Is the Tour de Zwift a race?

The Tour de Zwift offers non-competitive group rides as well as dedicated race events.

What do I get for completing the Tour?

You’ll unlock virtual accessories such as socks and glasses for your kit garage as you complete the stages, plus the full ride and/or run kit if you complete all eight stages.


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