Top 10 most popular reviews of 2023: Q4

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The final quarter of the year saw the launch of Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro by Google. Samsung introduced the Galaxy S23 FE smartphone, while OnePlus launched its first foldable, simply called Open.

The device was a rebadged version of the Oppo Find N3. Still, given the popularity of the OnePlus brand, we are not surprised to see the Open gather a lot more interest than its brother from another father.

Xiaomi joined the discussions with the 13T series – we saw a vanilla and a Pro variant. Our readers were really interested in the duo, and understandably so – offering great bang for the buck, both the 13T and 13T Pro ended up on many people’s shortlists.

We should also mention the reappearance of the Redmi Note 12 Turbo and Galaxy S23 Ultra. Their reviews were among the most popular in Q1 2023, and after we spent significant time with these devices, we posted their respective long-term reviews. Samsung’s smartphone is the best phone of 2023, according to several of our colleagues, and clearly, the sentiment is shared with many of our readers who wanted to read even more about it.


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