Tom Wilkinson, Beloved Character Actor, Passes Away at Age 75

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British actor Tom Wilkinson died on Saturday. He was 75, and per the Hollywood Reporter, his family say his death was at home and “sudden.”

Throughout his career, Wilkinson appeared in a number of genre films. He played Carmine Falcone in Batman Begins, Father Richard Moore in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and the IMF secretary in Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol. He also had roles in the 2011 Green Hornet movie, The Lone Ranger, and 2018’s The Titan. He even had a brief period in video games—he reprised his role as Falcone for Batman Begins’ tie-in game, and voiced Thomas Pedre in the 2012 cult classic Sleeping Dogs.

Born February 8, 1948, Wilkinson made his acting debut in 1976 as Chef Ransome in Smuga Cienia. He’d go on to play a variety of roles in British TV like First Among Equals and Martin Chuzzlewit. He would more of a TV actor back then, but had more of a movie presence after his BAFTA-winning performance as Gerald Cooper in 1997’s The Full Monty. From then on, he would take supporting roles in a variety of films such as Rush Hour, Valkyrie, and Michael Clayton. Over the decades, he received two Academy Award nominations for Best Actor in 2001’s In the Bedroom and Michael Clayton from 2007.

This past summer, Wilkinson reprised his role as Gerald Cooper from The Full Monty in a sequel TV series of the same name for FX on Hulu. Per IMDB, his final role will be in the upcoming film Bone in the Throat, based on a novel by the late Anthony Bourdain. On social media, Wilkinson has been remembered by users and Emily Rose director Scott Derrickson. The filmmaker called him “an amazing talent and wonderful human being” he was proud to work with.

Wilkinson is survived by his wife Diana Hardcastle and their two children, and our thoughts go out to them at this time.

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