Sweet escape: Top 5 places where Dr Nandipha won’t be extradited

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With police and Thabo Bester watching her every move, the defamed doctor might get the chance to break free

30 August 2023 – 15:15

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Dr Nandipha Magudumana has applied to have bail approved.
Image: Photo by Giulio Di Sturco/Getty Images/Graphic by Ruby-Gay Martin

She got it wrong the first time but Dr Nandipha Magudumana stands a chance of making another getaway out of the country. 

After telling the Bloemfontein magistrate’s court she did not voluntarily leave the country with her beau Thabo Bester, a tearful Magudumana made her second appeal for bail.

The chosen locations for her make a getaway are based on countries with visa-free access for South Africans and whether the country is absent from those that have signed extradition laws with the department of justice and constitutional Development.


Yeak Loam Lake is about 5km from Krong Ban Lung in Ratanakiri province in Cambodia.

Where do we begin with this southeast Asian country? There’ll be no need to worry about Ubers and Bolts as biking is loved by locals. Some routes are connected to popular stops like the Elephant Terrace at the Ankor Thom Palace.

If she’s looking to stay out of busy cities, Ratanakiri is most likely the best retreat. The province is known for its tranquil air and sights including Yeak Laom, a large volcanic crater filled with water which should remind her of the Vredefort craters should she miss home.


Ushguli village in Svaneti, Georgia is the highest permanently inhabited point in Europe.

A magical escape for families and fugitives, the many valleys and mountains of this majestic country are bound to have you nestled away from unwanted company. 

The steep windy roads of Svaneti are bound to keep South African officials off her trail. Stunning options include the villages near the snow-covered mountains that are remote with inhabitants living remote lives so no snitches. A hike up the Caucasian Mountains is bound to be a key experience.


Tourists walk through Souq Waqif markets which boomed during the 2022 Soccer World Cup.
Image: Photo by Abdullah Kiswani/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Rides and camping in locations near the dunes would not be the best option for Magudumana. Souq Waqif is a taste of the old world where she will find a labyrinth of markets that are bound to keep her safe from boredom or capture.

After a stressful day strolling the markets she can head to Tivoli, not the taps but the spa, where she can get their award-winning facials and massages.


Luganville is the second largest city in Vanuatu, a South Pacific island nation.

Knowing her love for fashion, Magudumana can shop until she drops on  Vanuatu’s islands. When she takes a break from the pristine beaches, she can try Port Vila’s markets which stay open for 24-hours. Hopefully, she won’t try to negotiate prices as it is frowned uponto bargain with locals.

She can find jewellery at the Luganville market, which is also home to the LCM department store that features  items including snorkeling gear when she needs a quick water escape.


A passenger train crosses Africa from east to west, from Tanzania to Angola. This trip is known as the Trail of Two Oceans, crossing from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic.

Should Magudumana succeed with her great escape, the tranquillity of Angola can offer her a much-needed break from the madness of the past few months.

The railways in Benguela are one of the longest you will find on the African continent. With 67 stops, she can take in Angola’s hinterland with few interruptions. The best way to get her mind off her case would be the Okavango Delta. As the world’s last wetland wilderness, conservationists are dedicated to protecting the tranquil site, so Magudumana could find a new purpose in its conservation.

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