Speeding is the main cause of road accidents: Limpopo Transport MEC

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JOHANNESBURG – The number of road collisions have gone up this festive season and the numbers are still climbing.

A traffic officer was killed by a speeding motorist during an operation to prevent speeding on the N1 in Limpopo.

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Limpopo Transport and Community Safety MEC, Florence Radzilani says operations will still continue as people will be coming back to work this weekend, she pleads with motorists to obey the rules and be cautious of their speed and pedestrians on the road.

Radzilani said, “we are trying our best as the province together with the team I am leading.”

“We will continue to deploy our traffic officials, this coming weekend majority of people will be going back to work so our traffic officers will be deployed, especially in our critical roads.”

“We also make sure that we continue with our messaging through our communication desk to get motorists to understand that speeding is the main cause of our accidents, unnecessary accidents.”

“And we will continue to beg them to obey the rules of the road because once you drive at a very high speed while we are still in the festive season, there is a high volume of traffic on our roads and you are driving in a very speed, you might be able to cause unnecessary accidents.”

“We have experienced a worrying number of pedestrians being killed.”

The MEC pleaded with pedestrians to cross at safe intervals 


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