Sanlam’s pact: nurturing nature and nourishing SMMEs

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The symbiotic relationship between small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) and South African National Parks (SANParks) is evident in the financial contributions of the country’s major national parks to the national coffers, which is estimated to be about R3bn annually.

The economic impact translates into job creation and retention within the SMME sector, benefiting local communities and fostering sustainable development.

This is a core reason that Sanlam is proud to announce its new groundbreaking partnership with SANParks in June this year.

Starting in the Kruger National Park, the initiative aims to further boost this contribution to the economy and transform the lives of thousands of South Africans who are directly or indirectly involved with the SMMEs that surround and support one of our nation’s most treasured and important wildlife areas.

Empowering business, conserving nature

The R10m Sanlam SANParks SMME support programme will provide SMMEs with access to market, finance and business development support. By creating sustainable businesses through supply-chain finance, this initiative not only enriches the economic landscape, but also contributes to the conservation of SA’s biodiversity.

The Sanlam Transformation Gauge — an annual survey that measures transformation across all sectors of the economy — found that socioeconomic development was one of the only aspects of the broad-based BEE (BBBEE) scorecard that did not improve in the 2023 study. Initiatives like the Sanlam SANParks SMME support programme are still much needed to help drive successful transformation and community upliftment in SA. 

The programme is a transformative initiative that bridges economic growth and biodiversity conservation. By empowering SMMEs with access to finance and business development support, it fosters sustainable businesses while preserving our country’s natural heritage.

Sanlam’s unwavering commitment to socioeconomic development and SANParks’s vision for justifiable economic growth make this partnership a beacon of hope. As we move forward, let us rally behind this programme, celebrating the success stories that will emerge from the SMMEs thriving within the shadow of the magnificent Kruger National Park. 

The success of this initiative relies on the collective efforts of Sanlam, SANParks, local communities and the broader public and private sectors. By supporting SMMEs, we pave the way for a prosperous future that celebrates both economic growth and environmental stewardship. Together, we can create a lasting legacy that benefits generations to come, harmonising the needs of people, planet and prosperity.

To download your copy of the 2023 Sanlam Transformation Gauge, click here. 

This article was sponsored by Sanlam Gauge.

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