Ravens Fans Lament Aiding Steelers’ Playoff Push After Loss Without Lamar Jackson

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Rob Carr/Getty ImagesThe Baltimore Ravens dropped their regular-season finale to the Pittsburgh Steelers Saturday 17-10, marking their second loss to the Steelers in as many games this season.

With the Ravens already having clinched both the AFC North and the No. 1 seed, Baltimore opted to rest a handful of key starters, including quarterback Lamar Jackson.

While the game meant nothing to the Ravens, it meant everything to the Steelers, who are looking to sneak into the playoffs. With the win, the Steelers have a 72% chance to reach the playoffs, according to the New York Times.

Despite the Ravens have nothing at stake in the game, fans were not happy to aid their division rival by resting some of their starters.

Ravens4Real @ravens4_realThose who are ok with losing , terrible not really competitors 😂

Troy casselman @Troycasselman2Do the ravens really wanna end the season like this

JJsnake @jjsnake30I hate the Steelers so much. Play backup qbs almost every week and then play the best team in football the last week of the season. So they get gift wrapped backups again. People will Pittsburgh will now act like they’re the greatest team on earth because they beat the “ravens”

Nick @NickRobertsssAny other ravens fans tired of being dominated by the steelers?

Go Bills @AM_Star5Ravens running the ball every other play when they’re averaging less than 4 YPC should just tell you all you need to know. They had zero gameplan on offense

bryce / Брайс🧡 @jonathonbryce_All I can say is, ravens didn’t even try 😂 #PITvsBAL

Gordon Adams @Epiphone81Handing the Steelers a win. Letting them beat you both times this season.

Black Dada Nihilismus @Deuce1042I understand the Ravens have nothing to play for, but man the Steelers just own them.

Flock Szn @FlocknboxingThis play calling for Ravens offense has been baffling. You have had more success throwing. You have fumbled twice running. Just throw the ball. Gotta think that turnover has sealed the game. Steelers win this meaningless game for Ravens who sat starters.

B @BShulkesThe Ravens after losing this game to a pathetic Steelers team they’ll pray gets in over Buffalo pic.twitter.com/SxpCRXazzN

Liam Frank @liamwardfrankRavens genuinely don’t care do they

With the loss, the Ravens end the season 13-4, marking their best season since 2019. Now, they’re looking to put the loss behind them and begin preparations for the playoffs, where they will look to reach the Super Bowl for the first time since they won in 2012.

For the Steelers, they will still need some help to reach the playoffs, but beating the Ravens’ B-team certainly helped their chances. Now, Pittsburgh needs the Jacksonville Jaguars to lose or tie to the Tennessee Titians, the Buffalo Bills to lose to the Miami Dolphins or the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans to tie.


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