Raiders’ Jack Jones Disputes Offsides Call in Loss to Colts, Says He Checked with Ref

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Michael Owens/Getty ImagesLas Vegas Raiders cornerback Jack Jones believes that he wasn’t offsides during a crucial moment in Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts.

As the Colts led by a touchdown with just over three minutes to play in Sunday’s matchup, Indianapolis was set to attempt a 50-yard field goal to create some breathing room. Jones lined up and seemingly timed the snap perfectly, nearly getting hand on Matt Gay’s attempt. The field goal bounced off the right upright, and it seemed the Raiders would have a chance to tie the game and keep their playoff hopes alive.

But the penalty on Jones gave the Colts another attempt from 45 yards out, and Gay made it. The Colts went on to win 23-20.

After the game, Jones took to social media to give his thoughts on the penalty. He shared a video of the play, highlighting his placement on the line, which he believed was on the Raiders’ side.

Jack Jones🏄🏽‍♂️ @presidentjacc🤐… on to next week.. watch the tape

He also said that he checked with the referee before hand to ensure that he was lined up legally.

Jack Jones🏄🏽‍♂️ @presidentjaccI wasn’t I checked with the ref

The penalty ultimately cost the Raiders the game, and they fell to 7-9 with Sunday’s loss to the Colts.

Despite the frustrating call, Raiders interim head coach Antonio Pierce declined to criticize the referees. Per ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez, Pierce believed the call was close.

“I didn’t see it,” Pierce said. “They called it so, I mean, it went against us. Obviously, something happened for them to make [the call]. It was too close.”

Earlier on the same drive, Jones was called for pass interference on a play where the ball ended up landing out of bounds. Pierce said that he asked the referees about the call afterwards to get an explanation.

“They felt like he interfered while the ball was in the air,” Pierce said. “Didn’t think it was too far out of bounds. I don’t want to second-guess the referees like I’m going to be second-guessed.”

If the Raiders had won Sunday’s contest, their playoff hopes would be slim, but still alive. A controversial call destroyed those chances, and now Las Vegas will miss the postseason for a second-straight season.


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