O’Sullivan ‘going for 10 of each of the Triple Crowns’ claims White

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Updated 07/01/2024 at 22:50 GMT

Ronnie O’Sullivan has eight UK Championships to his name to go along with his seven Masters and world titles. However, his close friend and Eurosport expert Jimmy White claims The Rocket is “going for 10 of each of the Triple Crowns”. O’Sullivan meets Ding Junhui in the first round of the Masters on Monday. Stream the action live on discovery+, the Eurosport app and at eurosport.com.’He’s going for 10 of each of the Triple Crown’ – White reveals O’Sullivan’s career target

Jimmy White claims that Ronnie O’Sullivan has an ambition to win “10 of each of the Triple Crowns”.

O’Sullivan kicks off his Masters campaign on Monday when he plays Ding Junhui in a repeat of the famous UK Championship final of 2023 when ‘The Rocket’ claimed a record-extending eighth title, 30 years after his first triumph as a 17-year-old.

In an interview with Eurosport ahead of the Masters, O’Sullivan expressed his desire to win the tournament for the first time in seven years.

But according to his close friend White, O’Sullivan, 48, has much bigger intentions.

“Listen, he’s going for 10 of each of the Triple Crowns, he’s just not declaring it,” said White.

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White stressed that O’Sullivan will not take Ding lightly, adding: “He’s got a tough match. Ding came back to form in the final of the UK Championship.”

White referenced the friendship the pair share as he recalled the moment O’Sullivan shared an embrace with Ding following the final of 2007, when The Rocket won 10-3. However, he insists respect will be put to one side when the match starts.

“When they get out there tomorrow, they’ll be like two gladiators and he’s in Ronnie’s backyard,” concluded White.

Alan McManus echoed White’s comments, saying: “They have massive respect for each other, but that’s all going to be put to one side tomorrow. You look back at the history of these two guys in the Masters and this is going to be their sixth meeting, and Ronnie’s won all five.

“The problem for Ding is that he’s entering Ronnie’s playground. This is his domain. This is where he’s won seven titles. Ding is going to have to beat Ronnie and the crowd.”

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