Open Channel: What Are You Looking Forward to in 2024?

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In terms of entertainment, 2023 was a big year all around. We got many wholly new things that were excellent in their own special way, while the majority of reliable brands and franchises stayed firm in greatness or took a few hits with their new entries. And on this, the final day of the year, it’s time to think about what’s next, because entertainment waits for no one.

Spoilers of the Week May 9-13

For film and some TV, 2024’s going to be a bit of a catchup year. Studios delayed some of their bigger films out of this year due to the Hollywood strikes not fully wrapping until this past November—after all, why release Dune: Part Two and Kraven the Hunter if your stars can’t do promo and you didn’t stock up on pre-strike material to put out in the interim? Even movies that were always meant for 2024, like Deadpool 3 and Venom 3, played a little chicken with their release dates because the strikes went on longer than expected.

Some of 2024’s big hits are coming with some baggage attached to them: beyond everything from Marvel, you’ve got the second installment of Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon duology (subtitled The Scargiver) attempt to make up for the first film’s lack of a real ending. Alien: Romulus will try to resurrect the franchise under Disney; Ballerina will test the John Wick franchise’s viability without its title assassin; and The Strangers will be remade, then reborn through a trilogy releasing throughout the year.

2023 was stacked with banger after banger, with such a consistency that we don’t always get. Hopefully that’s also true for 2024, and that those involved are making these things that we love under good working conditions. However things shake out, let us know what you’re exciting about watching, playing, or reading in 2024.

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