News24 | EXCERPT | Lion, dolphin or ostrich? New book by Vangile Makwakwa analyses your ‘money personality’

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What’s Your Money Personality? by Vangile Makwakwa (Macmillan)

When it comes to money, are you the lioness who leads the tribe, a dolphin who ducks and dives, or an ostrich who buries its head in the sand? What’s Your Money Personality? by entrepreneur and finance coach Vangile Makwakwa (Macmillan), the first book of its kind, explores the meaning of money archetypes in black families in South Africa.

“It’s not just about personal change,” writes Makwakwa, “it’s about influencing the entire family unit, rewriting our financial narratives, and creating paths to generational wealth.”

She explains “how understanding our distinct money personalities can change our behavioural patterns”.

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