Masemola: Police not responsible for clearing hijacked buildings

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JOHANNESBURG – The police can not be blamed for not clearing out hijacked buildings

National Police Commissioner Fannie Masemola says it’s not their duty.

He says city officials are responsible for buildings in their jurisdiction.

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Masemola says the police are, however, willing to help if requested.

“We have been targeting these buildings, but as SAPS we can only go there if we have information about either firearms, drugs or whatever crime is happening there.

“But we cannot remove the inhabitants that are in that building,” he said.

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He said it’s the duty of the city to know who’s occupying buildings an if they’re complying to building regulations.

“Nobody should shift blame or want to put everything on the police,” he said.

We will continue with Operation Shanela in most cities to clean up such buildings.”

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