LG Set To Launch An AI Robot That Can Watch Your Pets

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LG unveiled its new AI robot home assistant at CES 2024 that can watch your pet and control your home appliances. It has hands and legs and can move around your home, talking to you just like a real person would do.

It’s so advanced that it can not only hear your words but also understand the meaning behind them.

The smart AI robot can also monitor your home’s temperature and air quality.

Just like other smart assistants, it can also connect to and control all your smart home devices. However, it can also perform activities like switching off appliances like fans, AC, and lights when they are not in use.

It also offers home safety functions thanks to its powerful system designed by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Not only does it have a camera and sensor, but it can also recognize faces. It can watch your pet when you’re not home and will notify you immediately if something strange happens.

Not only this, you can check if you’ve closed all your windows after you’ve left home. And when you return, this AI robot will greet you and sense your mood. If it detects that your mood isn’t the best, it can even play music to lighten your spirits.

LG hopes to automate a lot of household tasks with the help of AI. In the process, the company aims to become an industry leader in the smart home device industry.

LG’s Robot Marks A New Beginning For Smart Home Devices
This is the first instance when AI is introduced to home assistants. Previous versions like Alexa and Google Home were voice-controlled assistants, which could carry out tasks as requested. However, the new LG AI robot is autonomous and in a sense “a real person”, owing to its smart learning capabilities.

This marks a new beginning in the smart home industry, with giants like Google and Amazon expected to follow suit sooner rather than later.

As exciting as it may sound, experts have outlined the dangers of AI from time to time. With AI becoming smarter by the minute, giving an AI-powered robot control of your home might seem too much of a stretch for some people.

It remains to be seen how people welcome his new LG product, given the rising concerns of AI disrupting human lives.


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