Heat records topple across sweltering Asia

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BANGKOK – Temperature records are being toppled across Asia, from India’s summer to Australia’s winter, authorities said, in fresh evidence of the impact of climate change.

The sweltering temperatures match longstanding warnings from climate scientists and come as countries from Greece to Canada battle record heat and deadly wildfires.

In India, the world’s most populous country, officials said this August was the hottest and driest since national records began more than a century ago.

The month falls in the middle of India’s annual monsoon, which usually brings up to 80 percent of the country’s yearly rainfall.

But despite heavy downpours that caused deadly floods in the country’s north earlier this month, overall rainfall has been far below average.

August saw an average of just 161.7mm, 30.1mm lower than the previous August record in 2005, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said.

That has left the country baking in unrelenting heat.

“The large rainfall deficiency and weak monsoon condition is the main reason,” the IMD said.

Authorities in Japan also said Friday that the country had experienced its hottest summer since records began in 1898.

Temperatures from June to August were “considerably higher” than average across the north, east and west of the country, the weather agency said.

In many locations “not only maximum temperatures but also minimum temperatures” reached record highs, it added.

And in Australia this winter was the warmest on record, with an average temperature of 16.75 degrees Celsius for the season running from June to August.

That is a hair above a record set in 1996, and the highest average winter temperature since the country’s records began in 1910, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

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