Geno Smith contract incentives: How Seattle QB can earn $2 million bonus with strong showing vs. Cardinals

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The final game of the 2023 season could prove a profitable one for Seahawks star Geno Smith.

The 33-year-old quarterback has proved one of Seattle’s most important players over the past two seasons. And with 3,435 yards and 18 touchdowns to just nine interceptions on the season, Smith figures to be central in the Seahawks’ efforts to secure playoff qualification.

Sunday’s game has bigger implications for Smith, though. He can secure quite a nice payday with a strong showing against the Cardinals, stemming from the incentive-laden extension he inked after his Comeback Player of the Year campaign in 2022.

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Here’s what you need to know as Smith looks to add some zeroes to his bank account against Arizona.

Geno Smith contract detailsSmith inked a three-year, $75 million contract with the Seahawks after his glittering 2022 campaign. With an average annual value (AAV) of $25 million, Smith was certainly rolling in the dough.

But the deal also came with $30 million of additional revenue available by way of incentives.

Some of those incentives were centered on team success. According to Spotrac, Smith can make $2 million if he leads the Seahawks to nine wins OR the postseason.

For the most part, though, Smith’s incentives revolve around his performance and how it compares to his displays in 2022.

Smith can earn an additional $2 million for surpassing each of his 2022 marks in yardage (>4,282 yards), touchdowns (>30), competition percentage (>69.8) and passer rating (>100.9). He would net an extra $5 million if he were to exceed all four marks and lead the Seahawks to nine wins in 2023.

Smith’s numbers have tailed off in comparison to his breakout 2022. He spent some time on the shelf due to injury and the Seahawks as a whole haven’t hit the heights they reached a year prior.

As such, barring a historic 12-touchdown, 800-yard, near perfect-day against the Cards, Smith will likely fall short of all the benchmarks he would have to clear to secure his stat-based bonuses.

But a win over Arizona would push Seattle to nine wins on the year. That would satisfy one of Smith’s incentives, making him $2 million richer.

It hasn’t been the greatest of years for Smith or the Seahawks in 2023. But you can’t imagine that the Seattle signal-caller will mind too much if he ends Sunday with a pile of blue bills resting in his locker postgame.

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Geno Smith statsSmith is unlikely to hit any of his individual performance bonuses this season. But that’s not to say he’s had a bad year by any stretch. He’s still one of the more efficient hurlers in all of football in 2023.

Games 14 Completion rate 65.2% Pass yards 3,435 Pass TD 18 INT 9 Passer rating 91.6Geno Smith career earningsPer Spotrac, Smith has netted $44,946,078 over the course of his 11-year career.


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