First vacuum and mopping robot with steam cleaning: Samsung unveils Bespoke Jet Bot Combo

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Samsung has unveiled the first robot vacuum that can remove stubborn stains using steam. (Image: Samsung)Even stubborn, dried stains are supposedly no issue for the new Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo, as the robot is the first of its kind to be capable of steam cleaning. AI helps the robot vacuum to detect stains that require the use of steam.

In the run-up to CES, Samsung has presented the successor to the Jet Bot AI+ and announced some exciting features that no other vacuum and mopping robot currently offers. The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo is Samsung’s first robot that can not only both vacuum and mop, but also steam clean floors.

When the camera, in tandem with artificial intelligence, detects dried stains, the robot returns to the base station where the mop pads are sprayed with hot steam in order to remove the stains more effectively. Once the floors have been cleaned, the mop pads can be cleaned via this same hot steam, which is intended to prevent any odors from developing. The base station then dries the mop pads with hot air so that the robot is again immediately ready for use.

As soon as the robot recognizes carpet, it uses AI to decide whether it is sufficient to lift the mop pads or whether a trip to the base station is required for long-haired carpets, where the pads are automatically removed so that the carpet can be effectively vacuumed. AI object recognition is said to have been further improved, allowing the robot to recognize even more different types of obstacles and navigate more elegantly through homes. Samsung has not yet confirmed details on the price or availability of the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo, but more information is expected at CES.

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Hannes Brecher, 2024-01- 3 (Update: 2024-01- 3)


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