DOGE Posts New Gains While Meme Kombat Remains Strong in Presale – Time to Start Bagging?

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Dogecoin (DOGE) has resumed its rally as new green candles appear. This growth in the price of Dogecoin is likely attributed to the heightened optimism in the broader crypto market. 

According to CoinMarketCap, the overall crypto market is up by more than 5% today, January 02, 2024.

Considering the ongoing market sentiment now might be the best time to start accumulating DOGE before the main rally begins. But while Dogecoin is growing, this new project known as Meme Kombat is also making headlines.

Dogecoin Resumes Ascent Following Days of Moderate Losses
DOGE, the forerunner meme coin, shed nearly 1% value over the past week, currently trading around $0.092 as of Tuesday, 07:20 EST. In the last 24 hours, prices have gained roughly 3%. This might be the start of a ride to the moon Doge fans have been waiting for.

Notably, Dogecoin has actually gained over 12% in value in the last 30 days. Since December 2023, Dogecoin has been on a minor bearish movement. The coin dropped from $0.1 on December 09 to $0.08 on December 30. 

Dogecoin has shown remarkable resiliency, finding support around the $0.08 -$0.09 zone so far into 2024.

Looking at the chart, since January 01, there seems to be a change in market sentiment. The coin is forming new green candles. Of course, that is a good sign. A closer look at today’s performance reveals some strong bullish signs.

X-raying the technical might give clues on where this crypto asset goes next. 

Dogecoin Price Analysis as the Bulls Return

Dogecoin (DOGE) struggled on the last day of 2023, as prices kept dropping from mid-December into 2024 after the earliest rallies stalled as the crypto buzz hushed. 

But just as investors might’ve given up hope, Dogecoin started showing new signs of life, and its price recently started riding an upward trendline.

The daily chart shows that the coin has posted some higher highs, implying that buyers are returning and momentum is building. Already, this bullish trajectory bounced Dogecoin up from around $0.08 to over $0.09 on January 02. 

Market participants now eagerly watch if this newfound momentum can push DOGE over 10 cents soon.

Considering how things are going, hitting that important psychological level ($0.10) again looks achievable. More good news could propel Dogecoin back toward this level. But, of course, threats are also present.

If Dogecoin closes below its new upward trendline from heavier selling, the bull case weakens. Plus, those red histogram bars on MACD indicators show bearish sentiments currently outweighing bullish.  

But as the red fades, Dogecoin’s price uptrend appears powered more by buyers, and that’s a very good sign. Overall, Dogecoin’s technical setup looks good for now after weeks of uncertainty.

Patient holders may be rewarded if the buying momentum persists. Still, smart purchases during dips help reduce the risk should crypto volatility strike again.

Renowned Analyst Ali Martinez Signals Upward Momentum for Dogecoin
Crypto expert Ali Martinez recently shared an optimistic view on Dogecoin. He says rising numbers of new Dogecoin wallet addresses look promising for future growth. 

More new users often foreshadow upcoming price jumps. This bullish indicator may fuel a Dogecoin rally soon, according to Martinez.

#Dogecoin is experiencing a notable network expansion! There’s a steady rise in the creation of new $DOGE addresses, consistently reaching new highs.

This increase in network activity is a promising sign for #DOGE as it lays the groundwork for a potential upward price action.

— Ali (@ali_charts) December 23, 2023

Already, Dogecoin rose from around 9 cents on December 18 to over 9.3 cents by December 25. Plus, Dogecoin now trades higher than the past 100 and 200-day averages, which is another bullish sign of strength. 

Given these positive trajectory signals, many analysts boldly predict Dogecoin could hit $0.33 soon. 

If new address growth and trading momentum continue, this top meme coin seems positioned to keep climbing. The Dogecoin community loyalists may once again have their patience rewarded.

But if you are not convinced by Dogecoin’s potential, you may consider this new meme project, Meme Kombat. 

Dogecoin Potential Alternative, Meme Kombat, Hits $5.7 Million in Presale
Meme Kombat ($MK) is currently in presale and is doing really well. Unlike DOGE, Meme Kombat has a gaming utility that could ensure it stays stable.

Meme Kombat, a fun new Play 2 Earn meme project on the Web3 platform, raised over $5.7 million in its presale. People have been really interested in this cool meme coin since it came out.

Meme Kombat Promises Massive Income with Immersive Gaming Experience

Visit Meme Kombat Presale

Meme Kombat brings together AI and blockchain for a special gaming experience. Investors get to play games and stake their coins, having lots of options. You can play different games and aim to be the best.

It introduces popular meme characters, with plans for even more excitement as new characters, battles, rewards, and opportunities are unveiled. Investors can also bet on battle outcomes for extra $MK tokens.

Staking $MK coins gives holders a chance to earn a fantastic Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 164%.

Currently, more than 2 million MK tokens have been staked on the platform. Experts say Meme Kombat will be one of the best meme coins this 2024, following the success of PEPE, and might go up 10x after getting listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Now is the time to buy in before the presale ends. Visit the project presale page and buy the token with either ETH or USDT.


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