Cooler Master X Silent Edge brings world’s first 1100W fanless, fully silent PSU

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Cooler Master debuts world’s first 1100W PSU with the launch of the X Silent Edge series (Image source: CM)Cooler Master has officially unveiled the X Silent Edge power supply lineup. It consists of two PSUs with 850W and 1100W ratings, respectively. With advanced heat pipe technology, the new power supply lineup aims to offer top-tier performance with a fanless, silent design.

The Cooler Master X Silent Edge lineup has been officially announced. As the name suggests, this PSU series is all about keeping things quiet. To deliver that, the new power supply models adopt a fanless design. But, as the manufacturer describes, the passive cooling design doesn’t hold the performance back.

More specifically, Cooler Master says that the X Silent Edge series utilizes “advanced health pipe technology,” which ensures optimal thermal performance and enhances the longevity of the components.

Speaking of the components, the new power supply units rely on high-quality parts. According to Cooler Master, the PSUs are made with Infineon IC chips, which offer better reliability and performance.

To further improve stability, the X Silent Edge PSUs have digital monitoring, which gives real-time information on the load and temperature. Cooler Master calls this monitoring tool MasterCTRL Software. It also allows the users to manage PSU parameters right from their desktop.

Regarding efficiency, the Cooler Master X Silent Edge power supplies incorporates an active bridge rectifier. This, according to the manufacturer, helps to improve efficiency and performance.

Cooler Master says that these fully passive power supplies are perfect for PC gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts. Potential buyers also have the option to choose from 1100W and 850W models. Pricing and availability details are yet to be confirmed by the brand.

On that note, with this launch, Cooler Master became the first brand to offer a consumer-grade fanless PSU with a power rating standing at 1100W. Until now, we only had options that were around the 700W range, such as the Silverstone Nightjar NJ700, which is currently available for $310.39 on Amazon.

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