Cooler Master plans to debut fanless, silent 1100W PSU at CES 2024

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Cooler Master wants to launch a fanless 1100W PSU at CES 2024 (Image source: Cooler Master)Cooler Master is planning to unroll curtains on a high-end power supply at CES 2024. It will be part of the X Silent series, and the PSU will go all-in on a passive cooling solution. But the interesting bit is that it has a power output rating of 1100 watts, which is pretty impressive for a power supply with no fans.

The X Silent series of Cooler Master is about to see a new addition at CES 2024. As showcased by @FanlessTech on X, it will be a fanless power supply that’s rated at 1100 watts. With this, the Taiwanese hardware brand is aiming to meet the needs of power-hungry setups through a silent solution.

There’s not much information available on the 1100W PSU. But judging from the picture shared by @FanlessTech (attached below), it seems that the Cooler power supply will offer a 12VHPWR connector port, which will make it capable of handling the RTX 40 series cards.

In addition, the picture of the Cooler Master 1100W power supply shows that there’s a PMBUS and USB connector. Also, it shows that the PSU employs dense cooling fins inside, and most of the area of the housing will be utilized as a heat sink.

At the current stage, there aren’t any commercially available passive or fanless power supplies above the 700W range (Silverstone Nightjar NJ700 curr. $310.20 on Amazon). That means the upcoming Cooler Master X Silent 1100W PSU will be setting a new record. So, it goes without saying that this will be a pretty interesting CES 2024 launch.

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