ChatGPT Store To Be Launched Next Week Informs OpenAI In An Email

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In an email sent to GPT users, OpenAI informed that it is set to launch its much-anticipated ChatGPT store next week. After being delayed amidst the OpenAI board fiasco, the GPT marketplace is ready to be rolled out.

This store will allow users to create and share their own AI models based on the ChatGPT-4 LLM. It will be a no-code process so that even people with any coding expertise can build AI models.

The GPT Store opens a world of opportunities for problem solvers beyond tech gurus.Ritu Jyoti, DC group vice president

The GPTs will be able to access the internet for the latest information, DALL-E for image generation, and Code Interpreter to help write GPT codes. Using the new “Actions” feature, users can connect their GPTs to Canva, Zapier, and other third-party services.

For now, the GPT store will be accessible to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers.

The email has laid out a three-pointer guideline for users willing to use the GPT store.

Users must ensure they comply with OpenAI’s updated usage policy and brand guidelines. For example, the GPTs must have a short name that can easily be displayed in ChatGPT’s sidebar. Plus, users are prohibited from using a third party’s name or logo in the GPT name.

Next, users must verify their builder settings. For this, you must visit the Settings tab, click on “builder profile” and then enable your name or a verified website.

Lastly, users must make sure that they publish their GPTs as “public”. If they are published with the  ‘Anyone with a link’ setting, they will not be displayed in the store.

Prohibited GPTs
OpenAI has also released a list of prohibited GPTs. Any material that incites physical or economic harm such as multi-level marketing, weapons development, payday lending, and others is prohibited.

Scams, spam, plagiarism, and academic dishonesty are some other prohibited fraudulent activities. Similarly, adult content, generation of malware, child sexual abuse material, and political campaigning are also prohibited.

The company uses both manual and automated methods to determine if any GPT violates policy guidelines.

OpenAI has also said that it is planning to introduce ways to monetize the process and reward GPT creators. However, the company didn’t comment on how it plans to do so. It will be interesting to see how the developer community receives this latest offering from OpenAI.


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