Boss TLee Responds To Criticism Towards His Top 50 SA Hip Hop List

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Boss TLee Responds To Criticism Towards His Top 50 SA Hip Hop List. SA Hip Hop has witnessed a multitude of rap artists who have enriched the genre with exceptional tracks, spanning from the era of Pro Kid and HHP to the contemporary wave represented by Nasty C and Emtee, and now evolving further with the emergence of talents like Blxckie and Maglera Doe Boy.

Boss TLee Responds To Criticism Towards His Top 50 SA Hip Hop List

Compiling a ranking list of South African rap artists can be a daunting task due to the substantial number of talents in the scene. Such an undertaking is often fraught with potential criticism from both followers and fellow artists within the SA Hip Hop community.

However, Cassper Nyovest’s manager Boss TLee fearlessly confronted the expected criticism by revealing his inaugural top 50 SA Hip Hop list. Taking to Instagram, the reputable manager said that his list is unofficial, unbiased and unsolicited indicating that the public is free to express their views regarding his list.

“Unsolicited, Unbiased, Unofficial.. meaning your view as in/valid as mine. Let’s have some fun to kick the year off 😎 Drafted this last winter for 50yrs of HipHop but instead of posting I decided to watch and enjoy all the conversations, debates about lists and HipHop history. Pls note I deliberately left some classic groups out, also there’s talent I’m a fan of that I didn’t include on the list.” Wrote TLee.

Based on the feedback in the comments section, where a majority of his followers disagreed with his list, Cassper‘s manager explicitly conveyed that any rapper omitted from the list has the right to feel offended. He acknowledged this, attributing it to the inherent nature of Hip Hop.

“Every rapper who ain’t 1st should take offence, every fan whose fav ain’t 1st should be offended too. Ke Hip Hop.. I get it as much as I love it. No disrespect meant though. Love Love,” TLee said.


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