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Oxford Don, political scientist and the BizNews community’s favourite columnist, RW Johnson has been a key contributor to the site this year. His insights on both South African politics and geopolitics are always exceptional, and his contributions on various other topics always provide the most detailed and astute observations on South Africa and the world at large. He has covered the topics of South African history, Ramaphosa’s presidency, Russian relations, war and conflict, coalition politics, sport, and so much more. You can find the plethora of his articles and interviews through the hyper-links below.

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Catch up on all of BizNews’ RW Johnson content:

RW Johnson: The People shall govern. Or perhaps not.
🔒 Premium: RW Johnson on policy dreams and disasters
RW Johnson’s message of hope: As end of catastrophic ANC rule draws nearer, far better awaits South Africa
RW Johnson: Home truths about the DA and coalition governments
🔒 PREMIUM: RW Johnson on Frene Ginwala: “I do lament her, though not in the same way that many others do”
🔒 Premium – RW Johnson: A case of DA getting what it asked for with new State of Disaster
RW Johnson: DA’s State of Disaster flip-flop – and beware Putin’s influence on SA’s 2024 Election
🔒 Part I: RW Johnson – Adrift in the world. Strange evolution of SA’s foreign policy.
🔒 Part II: RW Johnson – Adrift in the world. Strange evolution of SA’s foreign policy.
RW Johnson: Why ANC/EFF most likely post-2024 – and potential consequences, including provincial secession pressure
🔒 Premium Archives: RW Johnson – The New South Africa’s original sin, Chris Hani’s assassination (Part 1)
🔒 Premium Archives: RW Johnson – The Killing of Chris Hani (Part 2)
RW Johnson – How CR’s myopia could leave SA with the worst of all post-2024 worlds.
RW Johnson on CR’s myopia; Russian interference in 2024; alternatives to ANC/EFF (IFP anyone?)
RW Johnson: The coming crunch over South Africa-Russia relations
RW Johnson: The mistaken nostalgia for the Mbeki Presidency
🔒 Premium – RW Johnson: Fairy tales for grownups? SA’s too-obvious links to Wagner Group
Cyril’s Rubicon? RW Johnson on arms-to-Russia torpedo for SA’s motor industry, AGOA, ARV supplies.
🔒 Premium RW Johnson: Joining the dots on Lady R – warning to Pretoria about Big Leagues
🔒 Premium RW Johnson: Curiouser and Curiouser – a G7 Story
🔒 Premium RW Johnson: Ramaphosa’s knee-jerk African Peace mission to nowhere
🔒 Premium RW Johnson: A constitutional outrage, admission of guilt on arms-to-Russia
RW Johnson: Perplexing ANC decisions are threatening economy, SA reputation
🔒 Premium – RW Johnson: How ANC behaviour shows SA almost at “End of an Era”
🔒 Premium – RW Johnson: More own goals means CR’s Lady R inquiry a farce before it begins
🔒 Premium – RW Johnson: A modest proposal – time for CEOs to step up to the plate
🔒 Premium – RW Johnson explains why SA’s delusional BRICS obsession is based on fantasy
RW Johnson: Implications for SA of a suddenly fragile Putin; Ramaphosa bombing in Paris
🔒 Premium – RW Johnson channels his inner John McEnroe: “Cyril, you cannot be serious.”
🔒 Premium – RW Johnson: Sans gold, Joburg a world-class city NOT, facing inevitable decline
🔒 Premium: RW Johnson – The arrogance of ANC fiscal ignorance raises Venezuelan risk for SA
RW Johnson: Why ANC-SACP persists with disastrous economic policy; Joburg’s unfixable water crisis
🔒 Premium – RW Johnson explains how we’ll be affected by global power shifts (to the East)
🔒 Premium – SA in focus for Part II of RW Johnson’s essay on major geopolitical shifts
🔒 PREMIUM RW Johnson: Are there really too few black billionaires?
🔒 Premium RW Johnson: Thabo Mbeki has become the prophet of SA’s counter-revolution
🔒 Premium RW Johnson: What we already know about SA’s watershed 2024 Election
UNDICTATED: RW Johnson’s advice for Ramaphosa, Steenhuisen, Malema ahead of 2024 Election
🔒 Premium RW Johnson: Godongwana v Kubayi – Wednesday will show what ANC rules
🔒 Premium RW Johnson: Assessing ANC’s potential divorce with EFF in municipal coalitions
🔒 Premium RW Johnson: Deluded politicians living in alternative realities – curse of the New SA
🔒 Premium – RW Johnson: These ANC sacred cows must be slaughtered to avoid default
🔒 RW Johnson: The Mashatile problem – Scandal surrounds ANC’s deputy President
🔒 RW Johnson: African juntas rue ejecting French Foreign Legion for Wagner
🔒 RW Johnson: Apartheid, ANC’s foundation myth, not working so well anymore 
🔒 RW Johnson: Springbok mania obscures real question – will rugby itself be abolished?
🔒 RW Johnson: The Realpolitik of the Middle East War – Part 1
🔒 RW Johnson on Middle Eastern Realpolitik (Pt2) where little is as it seems.
🔒 RW Johnson – ANC’s deluded welcoming of a dangerous ‘new multi-polar world’
🔒RW Johnson: Africa is a growing global problem – slow economies, fast reproduction
🔒RW Johnson: Slavery reparation calls – sorting fact from revisionary fiction

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