Alienware’s Latest QD-OLED Gaming Monitor Is a Real Curveball With 4K at 240Hz

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The Hz wars have come, and Alienware is beaming down from its spaceship to put its own foot into the refresh rate arena with a pair of large, frankly beautiful-looking displays that pack a wallop in the QD-OLED gaming monitor scene. Boy, howdy, that curved 32-inch, 4K QD-OLED monitor is a real doozy.

This QD-OLED Alienware Monitor is a Real Curveball

The AW3225QF has a rather gentle 1700R while touting a 240Hz native refresh rate and 0.03ms pixel response time, so its baseline specs should put it well in the tiers of other competitive gaming monitors. Alienware boasts a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and is certified VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400 to claim some vivid colors and strong contrast. If you really need it, it’s also Nvidia G-sync and VESA AdaptiveSync compatible.

In-person, the monitor is certainly striking, with deep, rich colors you expect from a quality organic display. For those not used to curved monitors (like this writer), the 32-inch, 1700R display didn’t take much or any getting used to.

This QD-OLED Alienware Monitor is a Real Curveball

This QD-OLED Alienware Monitor is a Real CurveballOf course, neither your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X won’t be able to reach the full 240Hz at 4K, but you should be able to get 120Hz at the same resolution with a quality HDMI 2.1 cable. The company is claiming you can switch on the dedicated console mode to optimize HDR, but since we still don’t know the total price we’re looking at, you may need to consider all the other options.

The 27-inch QD-OLED monitor pushes a 360Hz refresh rate.Photo: Alienware

Speaking of which, the other big monitor out of Alienware is a 27-inch 360Hz QD-OLED that’s pushing a whopping 360Hz refresh rate. Remember that ultra-fast refresh rates don’t matter for most competitive games past the 240Hz mark, but it’s still a hefty gaming monitor with 0.03ms response time. What matters more than refresh rate is color, and these QD-OLED may have a jump on other big monitor releases like LG’s UltraGear OLED model that can jump to 480Hz.

Alienware’s last big curved gaming monitors stuck to smaller resolutions. Still, the company will need to compete against other massive curved screens like Samsung’s own 32-inch, 240Hz, and 270-inch, 360Hz QD-OLED Odyssey monitors announced prior to CES. If you’re a bit confused on what’s the distinction between QD-OLED and just a regular OLED, know that it’s based on using quantum dots for colors, rather than a QLED that uses these same dots to enhance the screen’s backlight.

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