According to reports from our sister website hinnews Nigeria. A musician who is popularly known as Yung6ix hired a cleaner who cleans his house but the unfortunate thing happened.

As some of you may already know, celebrities makes lots of cash and in  most cases their money comes in cash before they send it to the bank. The rapper in question kept the money in his room, but when he came back the money was gone.

Upon asking the people who had access to his room, it was later discovered that the cleaner took the money. He only admitted when they started beating him mercilessly and almost burnt him alive, before he agreed that he stole it and will take them to where he kept it.

The money in question is N1,000,000 which equals about R44,000

The rapper was not home, he came back and met his security guys beating the guy, so he stopped them and handed him over to the police after the guy agreed to return his Money back. So the guy wasn’t burnt. In fact 6six saved his life.

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