When you think you’ve heard or you have seen it all, then another thing pops up and tell you to you face that you are just getting started.

According to media reports, One of the most unbelievable incident happened in our neighbouring country, Zimbabwe last Sunday. The report said that lightning struck and killed six people and left many others injured with severe burns at a funeral, which held in Binga District of Zimbabwe. According to Zim News, the people had taken shelter under a tree when a bolt of lightning struck, killing six people on the spot.

Speaking about the tragic incident, Chief Siachilaba from Binga said that they died while attending his late sister’s funeral at her homestead when the tragedy struck.

He said when it started raining, some of the people attending the funeral took shelter under the tree which was later struck by lightning.

Some people also suggested that the dead person may have been very angry with those people, that was why she killed them.