Some women in South Africa have raised their voices against the inhumane ban on abortion funding by the US President Donald Trump.

International NGO’s are stoutly opposed to what they regard as “global gag rule” introduced by Trumps administration. They are of the view that it will force many more women into unsafe abortion.

However, an organisation which provides safe abortion care and other health services to women, Maria Stopes South Africa have predicted that the “global gag rule” would force many more women to have abortion, including more unsafe “backstreet” abortion.

The NGO’s advocacy and engagement manager opined that as a result of the order issued, the organization including those who work with people living with HIV or women who are survivors of sexual violence, might fail to provide referrals and information about abortion care for fear of jeopardizing their own funding. according to him:

“Others including government department may misapply the policy to avoid delivering on women’s right under the choice of ¬†termination of pregnancy Act (Amended 2008).”