“My name is Raj Singh, i live in India.This is my son khan. He had this disability since he was a toddler. Life has been tough.

Friends had deserted us. We looked up to God for a miracle for my son. We had visited lots of  Hospitals and got no response. One day, we visited a surgeon who told us to get a huge amount of money for his operation. He also assured us that it will be successful after it is done.

Then we prepared for it. W e sold lots of properties to raise the money for the surgery. As i speak, my son is well with all his body complete, you can see the photo right there. The surgery was a success. 

Am sharing this story to let you know that no matter what you are going through right now, nothing is impossible for God.

My son is happy that he entered the new year with a complete body and not with a disabled body. Glory to God”