Egyptian court have just added their football legend name Abou-Treika to a terrorist watch-list over his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The former Al-Alhly star was in 2015 accused of financing the Brotherhood through a company he co-founded and all his assets were also sized. However another court released them back to him after he asserted his innocence back in 2016.

His lawyer has however stated that they will fight the case;

“We will appeal the court decision,” said Abou-Treika’s lawyer Mohamed Osman. “This decision is contrary to the law, Abou-Treika has not been convicted or formally notified of any of the charges against him.” Osman also revealed that even though two court orders were issued to lift the freeze mode on the player’s assets the freeze is still in effect.

As it stands now, he may not be able to leave the country until the ban has been lifted.