A man who was looking for the services of a prostitute found himself in front of his own daughter.

Flabbergasted, he started beating the girl up. The 24-year-old daughter eventually left the nightclub in a haste after incurring some deadly injuries.

The man known by his initials AKH, is married and a father of 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls.

AKH who is in his late fifties never imagined he would meet his own daughter one day while seeking the services of a prostitute.

He got to the bar shortly after nightfall. After having a few drinks, he called the manager of the corner to find him a girl to have a good time with. A few minutes later, a girl of 24, about 1.65 metres tall approaches him to respond to the needs of the requested service.

Upon sighting his requested girl, the man realizes that it is his own daughter who has shockingly become a prostitute.

The sight of his own daughter shocked him that he was very angry , administering violent blows to his daughter. The girl was seriously injured and rushed to a hospital.

People intervened to calm him down.

”I know am in error also but the first one to correct here is my daughter,” he said before leaving the scene in confusion.

This happened in Marcory.