Dubai is like a city of dreams. People there have so much money they don’t even know what to do with it. So instead they just spend it on ridiculously luxurious material objects. Here is a list of some of the crazy things an unfathomable amount of money has brought to Dubai.

1. Living room first class transport courtesy of Air Emirates

viaflickr / tarofu

2. The world’s most luxurious hotel

Try getting on the grounds without a reservation. 
viaflickr / Bhakti -Amsterdam

3. The world’s biggest fish tank

viaflickr / kryšpín

4. The indoor ski hill

viaflickr / .:shk:.

5. An overabundance of skyscrapers


6.  Dubai’s Emirates Towers

viaflickr / Shwaaheen ™ PIN: (21655499)

7. Luxury is just waiting for you as soon as you step off the plane

viaflickr / Ardy Hadinata Kurniawan

8. A shark tank water slide

viaflickr / Sarah_Ackerman

9. Gold Ipad made exclusively for the Burj Al Arab hotel


10. And cops drive Bugattis

viaflickr / SSsupersports

11. Artificial islands shaped like a palm tree

viaflickr / B737NG

12. A super taxi


13. The double wide Jeep

viaredditu / coonster

14. The most luxurious traffic jam you’ll ever see

viaredditu / jaycrew

15. A 1000-dollar, 24-carat gold cupcake