Tim Jefferson was attacked by a mob of students at Carver School of Technology who beat and even stabbed him with a screwdriver, all while teachers and the principal reportedly watched and did nothing.

Jefferson, an openly gay student, said he was walking out of his classroom with a friend when some students began to taunt him with racial and homophobic slurs. The students then attacked, with several of them landing blows and kicks while someone in the crowd pulled out a screwdriver, stabbing Jefferson just underneath his eye.

Tim Jefferson said the fight left him with cuts and bruises across his body.

“My face, my eye, my lip, on my back, my spine right in the middle, the back of my neck and I got hit in the back of my head,” Jefferson said.

The attack on Tim Jefferson was caught on cellphone video, which shows the teen being pummeled by several other students as others cheered on.

The worst part of the the attack — Jefferson claims — is that teachers and even the school’s principal witnessed the brutal attack and did nothing to stop it.

Jefferson’s mother, Sabrina, said the principal didn’t even call police.

“He should have called in the proper authorities,” she said.

Tim Jefferson has been out of school since the attack happened, and still has a long cut down the length of his cheek where he was stabbed. The 16-year-old said another student threatened to shoot him if he returned to school, so Sabrina said she is transferring her son to a new school.

Sabrina added that this is the eighth time her son and his friend were attacked because of their sexuality, and she now plans to transfer him to a new school.

But Tim Jefferson isn’t letting the attackers get away with it. He has gone to police to press charges, and late this week they arrested four students for fighting.

“I want some justice,” he explained. “If God willing, I’m going to get justice and I want the boys who did this to go to jail.”

Despite the arrests, police described the attack on Tim Jefferson as a fight. Citing surveillance video, police said it was not exactly the mob attack that the teen described, and are not classifying it as a hate crime.

“He may tell a different story, but for our investigation, it’s not going to be classified as a bias (or hate) crime,” police spokeswoman Elizabeth Espy said.

That decision has left many angry, with family members saying video of the attack on Tim Jefferson as well as threats made beforehand prove that the beating was premeditated.

This incident happened in Carver School of technology In Atlanta, Georgia.