The entire EFF members were sent out from parliament by security agents following their behavior at the just concluded SONA2017. However both Malema and Ndlozi have come out to defend their actions;

“When you’re being attacked, you have a right to protect yourself. We were standing peacefully and not fighting anyone. Bullies came and wanted to bully us. We respond to a bully in a decisive way so that they know we are not a playground.

“We are going to do it again and again to fight any hooliganisms that is metered against us in defence of Zuma who has violated the constitution of SA.

“This strategy is the one that is going to win us votes in 2019 to remove the ANC. A kleptocracy must be removed from government and you don’t do it by giving it red roses. You remove it through the programme of action that will win society over and expose the shenanigans of this kleptocracy.”

EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said: “Absolute rubbish. I said to you that Jackson Mthembu has not been rehabilitated from his spin doctor days.

“Jackson Mthembu and his entire gang in Parliament are trying to force a person who broke the constitution down our throats. People carrying teargas in Parliament are the police not guests.”