Media reports have it that Tshwane metro municipal manager, Jason Ngobeni earns more than President Zuma.

That report was followed by a parliamentary question which exposed that Ngobeni is the most paid civil Servant in South Africa.

The Tshwane metro municipal manager was earning R3 million annual salary and is clearly earning more than Mr. President, deputy president, and the cabinet ministers.

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Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga thinks the Municipality’s R6 billion salary structure is not cool, and is set to slash the amount. He wants to cut Municipality’s R6 Billion Salary.

Records have it that Tshwane spends 33 percent of its’ operating budget on salary with some Councillors earning about R832,000 annually.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) party said former Mayor, Kgosientso Ramokgopa employed 915 staffers. Arguing that the staffers are too many, the DA related that it will soon announce how it will deal with the issue.

Speaking for Mayor Msimanga, Matthew Gerstner divulged that 105 ANC members were employed in former Mayor Ramokgopa’s office.

“Our information” Gerstner said, “shows that the people given those jobs were all card-carrying, senior members of the ANC.”

Adding that issue is being investigated, Gerstner added that the former Mayor created unnecessary positions for ANC members in Tshwane.

Gerstner dubbed Tshwane’s Rapid Response Team an ’employment agency for senior ANC people’ saying the team which employed 105 workers, cost Tshwane R5m every month.

Adding that there are no achievements to justify the existence of the team, Gerstner hinted that the city is considering how to terminate the contracts.

“It’s not like we’re cutting people out of jobs. These were fixed-term contracts and were going to end anyway,” Gerstner asserted.

Reacting, Mapiti Matsena the ANC caucus leader in Tshwane insinuated that the DA is being oppressive saying “all the jobs were created to execute certain responsibilities.”

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On the other end, the EFF counseled the DA to be mindful of treating all black people who worked for the municipality as corrupt.

Commenting, the EFF deputy chairman in Tshwane Moafrica Mabongwana said: “we believe it is every administration’s right to restructure and cut costs where necessary.”

Mabongwane nonetheless, stressed that corrupt mustn’t be punished with the innocent.

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