The sudden media warfare of calumny, ensuing between Mathew Phosa and the Zuma’s has snowballed into more acidic vitriol and tantrums, after the ‘a little piece of vomit’ episode, heralding  the controversial open letter.

Phosa thoroughly condemned the current ANC leadership, and in particular President Jacob Zuma, for the drama at his State of the Nation Address.

Below is the full, unedited version of Edward Zuma’s open letter, after Phosa dismissed him as “a little piece of vomit”:

Greetings to my fellow countrymen

I would like to clarify what some have incorrectly concluded and continue to have a wrong and a selective approach when discussing and debating issues of national importance that are political in nature.

I am very disturbed to hear and read about how Mr Phosa has reacted to my personal assertion on how he operates and prefers to in our political landscape‚ he seems to think that whatever analysis or view he has should be swallowed or stomached by citizens of this country‚ well he is wrong and he is in for a big surprise and disappointment‚ maybe he is a victim of those people who were last leaders and leading from the front‚ but not being aware that behind them there is actually no one following them.

Now Phosa is that person on this case‚ from Nelson Mandela‚ Thabo Mbeki to this day leaders Mathews Phosa has always had an issue with them as leader of the ANC or government‚ so his childish and selfish rant isn’t something new to some of us hence I personally don’t and has never taken him serious but only respected him when he was a leader in the ANC which respect disappeared thereafter with due respect it’s the truth.

All this comes from knowing Freddie as he was known of him not having a backbone during his struggle years‚ the less said the better for all citizens‚ the man fails or does not want to accept the fact that branches of the ANC rejected him in 2012 Mangaung conference hence his behavior it’s nothing else but anger and hatred.

This behavior all comes from the fact that he has eaten too much and still wants to eat more (at least the language they use when drinking expensive whiskeys)‚ so the leadership that is on the driving seat isn’t giving him any joy of getting what he wants when he wants it as he was doing during his tenure as the ANC Treasurer General.

He wants to service his long time master (Johann Rupert ) who he presented with farms in the province of Mpumalanga when again he was at the helm which turned out to be a disastrous tenure under Mathews Phosa‚ so now he is again trying to climb the ladder using the back door of painting leadership badly and satisfying his makers who are seated comfortably in Stellenbosch‚ South Africa.

Mathews Phosa is against radical economic transformation in this country and we all know that hence all this noise he is making at some point he would talk like a person who just fell from a tree.

What Phosa must know and accept is that this wave he is against will never be defeated by white monopoly capital defenders in and outside of government/ANC‚ Phosa being one of the players of that team as there are far older players on the team he plays for with more brutal hearts in exploiting the poor of this country.

He is the last to say that he doesn’t want to be part of the burial of the ANC‚ as I would ask what measures has he attempted to take as a disciplined cadre if he still is unless he is part of those that discuss ANC matters in restaurants which I think he is‚ clearly he knows something we don’t know because what we know is that the ANC isn’t dead‚ but rather has internal challenges which I am confident the leadership in place is more than capable to deal with and I doubt they would even consider Phosa as one of those that would assist in attending to those challenges‚ so he must shoosh and enjoy his ill gotten wealth.

For the past 3/4 years he has been working with the father-in-law of a certain CEO in one of the big cellular networks in this country‚ by employing him at Morvest. In return Phosa is getting all the contracts from this cellular network company and here today he wants to preach good governance and rule by the will of the people when he failed given a number of chances even though he fought with leadership at all times.

Mr Phosa‚ anger or not‚ insults or praises you are a traitor and you need to be told because money has come into your head and you think you are everything‚ well no we shall deal with you in a way you deserve to be dealt with you are not the ANC nor am I but the members are the decision makers here‚ so if you have an interests ANC members will decide without being lied to by people like you who are hellbent to sell the ANC to the highest bidder (the Ruperts‚ Wieses etc) 3 issues he must explain:

1. Malelane Community Farms & how he betrayed them with his company with Johan Rupert. Transvaal Sugar Board (TSB)

2. The corruption with his wife at SABC over the procurement of content. Refer to the SIU report

3. How he tried to collapse Chancellor House‚ so he could asset strip it for his benefit.

I am yet to hear you call on all banks to be probed and harshly dealt with but again I remembered that you can’t speak against them as they buy you bread and milk your masters remember.

Allow the current ANC leadership to rule you Mathews Phosa difficult as it may feel or sound to you accept it maneer.

And those that think I engage on political issues because I am a Zuma then think again‚ I am an active member of the ANC and am not a member of Jacob Zuma nor does he influence my views of fact.