After making numerous calls for President Jacob Zuma to go, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) decided to turn Zuma’s home province “upside down” by spending a week in “Zuma’s own backyard”.

And to ruffle Zuma’s feathers even more, the EFF is holding its fourth-year anniversary in the eThekwini municipal region on Saturday.

eThekwini is ANC’s largest region in the country.

Since EFF leader Julius Malema’s arrival this week ahead of the birthday celebrations, he has been gallivanting across the province – visiting townships and universities – and asking people to come and celebrate with EFF.

The EFF was launched on July 28, 2013, after Malema, and others, were expelled from the African National Congress the previous year.

Malema, his party’s MPs and executive members have enjoyed a warm welcome in the province from residents donned in EFF red regalia. KwaZulu-Natal is also the largest ANC province in the country.

During his visit to the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Westville campus on Tuesday, Malema – who met with hundreds of EFF-aligned Student Command members – said the party would turn the province upside down, “whether Zuma liked it or not.

“We are going to have our fourth anniversary at the backyard of Jacob Zuma, whether he likes it or not. The EFF is here to stay. We are turning four, and we will be hundred soon, we don’t suffer from longevity,” he said.

On Wednesday, Malema was welcomed by hundreds of residents in Amaoti, north of Durban, from where Ethekwini ANC Mayor Zandile Gumede hails.

The residents told Malema that Gumede had abandoned them and that they wanted the EFF to fight for them to get service delivery in the area.

Addressing the crowd, Malema claimed that Zuma and his family were the only people in KwaZulu-Natal living better lives.

“He promised the people of KwaZulu-Natal a better life. The people voted for him in their numbers. He is living a better life with Khulubuse and his son Edward Zuma. Only his family is having a better life,” Malema said. Khulubuse is Jacob Zuma’s nephew.

Malema warned residents to stop voting for people just because they were from the province.

“We must vote for people who love black people, who are not ashamed to speak for black people. We must vote for people who are beaten up for fighting for black people,” he said.

Malema on Thursday proved that he was serious about turning the province upside by visiting Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini at Linduzulu Royal Palace in Nongoma. The king gets a R50m budget from the ANC-run provincial government.

Malema and his party’s top six executives, presented the Zulu king with five live cows, since their visit and party’s birthday coincided with King Zwelithini’s birthday. He turned 69 on Thursday.

They first had a closed meeting with the king.

Many people on social media described Malema’s visit to the king as a great political strategy to gain more voters in KwaZulu-Natal.

Many residents in the province respect and look up to the king for advice.

Malema told people in the province that, “as the EFF turns four”, there would be artists, DJs and lots of entertainment at Curries Fountain Stadium on Saturday, July 29.

He said they would slaughter 10 cows on the day.