Zim President Robert Mugabe has reportedly planned to have his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma killed by a Lebanese murder squad, along with top diplomat Lindiwe Zulu, according to a document seen by The Guardian. 

The newspaper said however, that it was not able verify the report as genuine, and it could also be a hoax.

The typed two-page document is dated 2 August 2017.

It provides a lot of details, but at times its language is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. The author is unknown.

Zim opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) said this information should be taken seriously.

In a paragraph headed “Lebonese assasins” (sic) the report said,

“On Monday this week Mugabe hired six Lebanese nationals to try and assassinate Lindiwe Zulu. The six met clandestinely with Mugabe yesterday to be briefed by him on the details of their mission … The six were told they must not concentrate on Zulu only, but should also pay attention to Zuma himself, and if they get a chance to do so they must assassinate him as well — but everything must appear as an accident.”

The report continues;

“Mugabe promised the six Lebonese [sic] an undisclosed fortune in cash if they succeed in getting rid of the two who [sic] South Africa senior officials who are giving him a lot of trouble. Names of the six could not be established, but they entered into the country via Zambia in the last few days, where they had previously held a close meeting with [president] Michael Sata before travelling into Zimbabwe.”

Douglas Mwonzora, the MDC’s spokesperson, said that the international community “must take these assassination allegations seriously,” but admitted that his party could not confirm the authenticity of the report.

Roy Bennett, the exiled MDC treasurer-general, was convinced the document was credible. “It comes from reliable and trustworthy sources within the heart of the CIO [Central Intelligence Organisation]. It is a stark reminder of the full horrific extent that Robert Mugabe is prepared to go in order to hang on to power and avenge his critics,” he said.