Apartheid might have ended many years back in South Africa but the racist idea about white supremacy in South Africa has remained a major issue in the country and Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe wants to know why.

The Zim. President launched an indirect attack on whites in South Africa, drawing attention on white supremacy in the country meant to be striking a balance between its racial differences.

In a short clip, the nonagenarian said he asked a member of the African National Congress (ANC) why whites still had so much power in South Africa and in reply, the member reportedly said it’s because of Nelson Mandela.

“I asked one ANC Minister how come the whites have been left with so much power, and he said it was because of your friend Mandela. That was an ANC Minister who was saying that…” Mugabe said.

Mugabe was speaking at the national shrine during the burial of the Southern African country’s two heroes, Moudy Muzenda and George Rutanhire over the weekend.

White supremacy in South Africa implies black inferiority and Nelson Mandela blamed it on “lack of human dignity experienced by Africans.

President Zuma insisted that though the contentious radical economic transformation concept was not something new in the country, his administration is bent on using this to ensure the blacks gain all they deserve in their country, starting with land and wealth redistribution.

“South Africa continues to suffer the consequences of apartheid policies today even as the government led by the African National Congress (ANC) has expanded access to education for all.

“That is why we speak of radical socioeconomic transformation: the fundamental change in the structure, systems, institutions and patterns of ownership and control of the economy,” Zuma said, citing several reasons for changing the structure of the economy.