Long-serving ANC member Sipho Pityana’s views about the party should be debated, regional chairperson in Johannesburg, Parks Tau, said on Monday.

“He is very outspoken and he has raised his views and we need to engage the views he has raised as the ANC,” Tau said.

ANC branches in Johannesburg met last weekend and resolved to confront the problems facing the organisation. The Gauteng provincial executive committee called for a consultative conference to discuss if the ANC’s current leadership was fit to lead.

“Most of the delegates were saying, let’s start with the first task. Let’s deal with the issues and then we talk about leadership.”

Tau, the former mayor of the city of Johannesburg dismissed claims that the ANC was becoming irrelevant, saying it was still an important role player in the country.

“The ANC remains relevant. It has a critical role to play in South Africa, but it has to confront the issues it has and to reassure the people of our commitment to build a national democratic society.”


During the funeral of former sports minister Makhenkesi Stofile in August, Pityana said the ANC’s lack of accountable leadership resulted in it losing metros to the opposition in the local government elections.

“That our movement is in crisis is trite and it is beyond question. If you doubted it, look at what happened in the local government elections,” he said.