President Jacob Zuma has once again launched another devastating and scary attack on white South Africans which will possibly make many people to reconsider their stand.

The President was addressing the crowd of ANC supporters who paid him a courtesy visit in his private homestead Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal.

”It is very difficult to build a better country when your fellow citizens have a mentality that your race is not capable of running a country and challenges every idea and initiative you come up with,” said Pres. Zuma while addressing the crowd.

”The ANC government has made this country a better place to live in for everyone and South Africa is now a land of opportunity for everyone living in it. People from all over the World come to South Africa in search of a better life.’

”Our population has grown rapidly within the last 23 years, we have drugs problem, we have illegal immigration problems, we still thrive but the white people compare this era with apartheid time where they were spoon fed by the government and nothing significant was done to improve black people’s live,” said the President who sounded upset.

”It is obvious that the white people just want to see us fail so they can say black people cannot rule better.

”You should understand that our progress could have been better if there were no people whose sole purpose is to sabotage our efforts and never acknowledge the good the ANC have done for all the citizens of this country.

”I don’t want us to reach the point where we will say we have had enough of you and suppress your freedom of speech and ban your opposition voice.

”You should understand that what has been done before can be done again now. The only difference is that we will be the bad guys now.

”It pains me to remember that the liberation movement was called the rebels.

”White people should ask themselves, what will become of them if we do to them what they did to us? Sometimes i think the country could be better without you,” concluded Pres. Zuma.