Julius Malema is with no doubt a fearless leader who is ready to go out of the line as shown in many occasions to antagonise or oppose the ruling party, the ANC and President Jacob Zuma in Parliament.

The National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete said Members of parliament are scared of CIC and his 24 MPs.

Mbete said that MPs wants to be protected against Malema and his party.

This has led to establishing a rules committee, who could see security brought into the chambers.

She told journalists in Pretoria that opposition parties’ chief whips had made it clear they needed protection from the “insistence” of one party that disrupts the business of the House.

“Those parties made it clear … they needed rules to protect their rights to play their roles in parliament,” she stated.

This had prompted parliament to make sweeping changes by tightening up its rules in a process that could see MPs doing their jobs without being disrupted.

Mbete said parliament was tightening its rules to protect MPs and prevent disruptions from derailing proceedings.

“After an incident, as you are aware, the last question day of the president could not proceed because of disruptions in the House,” Mbete said.

“We convened the rules committee to make sure it provides necessary rules and mechanism for parliament to deliver on its constitutional expectations,” said the Speaker.

She said the committee would introduce a revised set in parliament to be put to the vote by MPs.

However, Mbete said parliament was not trying to block MPs from expressing their rights. They must “recognise” and “respect” the views of other MPs. “It cannot be that because you scream loudest you are able to have people pay attention to you.”

Contacted for comment, EFF chief whip Floyd Shivambu said his party would continue to participate in the rules committee to ensure security personnel are not brought into parliament.