Kenny Kunene said on Friday that his online publication had “over a hundred videos and photos” of women with whom Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa allegedly had affairs.

“More is coming on Ramaphosa’s dirty laundry, i have him on tape making out with teenagers. Obviously we will then have to make sure that we lock them far away‚ because the order has been made that we must never use them. We are going to respect that order‚” he said outside the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg on Friday.

Judge Raylene Keightley ordered Kunene to remove the videos and not publish any further graphic sexual content.

His website published graphic sexual videos that a woman allegedly sent to Ramaphosa‚ who is not in the videos.

The website blurred out the woman in the videos‚ but published her name‚ age and where she lives.


Kunene said Ramaphosa can no longer speak “from a moral high standard”.

“We have more people that have called in about his extramarital affairs and we will be investigating those cases. If there’s merit and evidence‚ we will write about them. We will not stop. The people of South Africa needs to know who Ramaphosa really is,” concluded Kunene.

If evidence of Ramaphosa making out with teens gets to the public, his political ambition will be in serious jeopardy.