Julius Malema has ruled out any negotiation with the ANC unless it disbands and reforms under a completely new name.

Speaking at an EFF meeting in Durban on Sunday, he said the ANC had been captured by white monopoly capital through Nelson Mandela.

Malema lambasted the ANC as he addressed 562 branch chairmen and secretaries of the EFF in the Durban province.

The EFF commander in Chief said the white capitalists captured the ANC through former president Nelson Mandela and destroyed his “radical political stance”, which he had before he became president.

He promised the  crowd that filled the Jewish Centre hall to capacity that he would deal with the ANC when it would be at its most vulnerable, in 2019.

“When the ANC gets less than 50%, and needs the vote of the EFF to govern SA, we will tell them here are the votes, but we are collapsing the ANC and the EFF into one new organisation.

“We will find the name and we do away with the ANC completely and its history and its legacy of succumbing to white supremacy,” he said.

Malema said the EFF should be financially self-sustainable to avoid being captured by white capital the same way Mandela and ANC were captured.

He said this would be achieved by deducting 50% of EFF councillors’ salaries for three months and 10% for the rest of their term to fund party programmes.

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He said the ANC’s financial bankruptcy made it unable to take care of Mandela when he came out of prison.

Malema said Mandela had to sell out the struggle and compromise his radicalism and his call for nationalisation as he relied on money from white capitalists.

He said the ANC was destroyed by its first meeting with businessman Johan Rupert, which former finance minister Trevor Manuel had organised in exile. “It went to take the money of capital. That is the day the ANC sold out to the highest bidder,” he said.